To HK and Okinawa in October 2017

Initially, we were quite concerned, about the typhoons passing through Hong Kong and Japan during the October period. 

It was reported that typhoon Khanun in Hong Kong caused much flooding and disrupted air flights on 15 Oct. However when we landed in Hong Kong on 17 Oct, all was fine and sunny. Then while in Okinawa, we heard that typhoon Lan made landfall in Tokyo, with high winds and flooding rains. The typhoon passed over Okinawa to the east, only had high winds on Saturday, 21 October. We could see the dark skies and felt the strong winds, and some rain. Quite thankful that we went through the tour blissfully unaware of what might have happened otherwise.

 The main attractions that I will remember about Okinawa were the whale sharks and manta rays swimming in the Churaumi Aquarium. They and the other sea creatures were a wonder to behold.

The group of 21 SH travelers had a good time together, stopping in Hong Kong for 2 days then to Okinawa. We arrived in Naha airport and proceeded to the Northern Okinawa. The itinerary was changed around so that on Saturday, when the typhoon passed Okinawa, we had indoor activities, instead of outdoors. The only time when strong winds were experienced was when we went to the Manzamou Cape. We all had new hairdos after the walk! Then we went to Central and Southern Okinawa. Generally, the tour was well paced and not rushed. We were well looked after by Myron from JTB and his efficient team.

 As the days went by, we got to know each other better, enjoying the interesting sights as well as the authentic Okinawa meals. And of course we loved the shopping in Kokusai Street. All the ladies and even the men bought many food stuff and souvenirs to remember Okinawa by.

Soon we were back in Singapore and some of us are getting ready to go to another trip, this time to Sapa, Halong Bay and Hanoi in North Vietnam. Reported by Shirley Wan, 19 Nov 2017.

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