10D9N Cultural & Historical Thailand Tour 19-28 Jan 2018

Thailand, the country with the highest return on tourist re-visits. True, as I am now tempted to return to explore other parts of Thailand.Our tour was irreproachable. Thankfully there were no mishaps. Most important all 18 of us got on well. Members watched out for each other and considerate in more than one way.

The sights ? Too many to enumerate. Personally, two highlights hit me hard. The first was in Khao Yai, watching at 5.45pm, the hundreds of thousands of bats emerging from a small hill (photo) with internal caves. They flew so orderly in a continuous broad stream for about 15 minutes in their daily evening forage ( 2 photos of bats in the sky). I wonder how they would return after their feeding; just as orderly ?
The second highlight was at Wat Khao Chan Ngam. Discovered in 1938, a cluster of huge smooth rocks/boulders. There is a display of rock paintings - human figures , animals and related objects which can be seen clearly(2 photos of members and paintings). They are beautiful art and quietly awesome.

 We had our quiet time too. It was the Home Phutoey River Kwai Resort in Kanchanaburi. It is remote in location. We had to change to smaller vehicles as big buses are not allowed to enter. The resort is perched high on the river bank offering fabulous views of the river and adjacent green hilly landscape. It is in a large forest park which has a lake(with boating), swimming pool, hot foot-leg baths, walking trails and rustic woody cabin accommodation. We should have stayed an extra day and night (3 photos of members, river landscape, cabins).

Being a relatively newbie, I must say I am won over and look forward to hear of future tours from Shirley and Silver Horizon. Thank you.

Wah Seng

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